Focused on Radiofrequency

CoMedical is commited to serving all of your RF needs with our comprehensive and continually-evolving line of products.

Leading Technology

The Cosman G4 four-electrode RF generator is the most modern and advanced ever built, with unique automation features, an intuitive touch screen interface, and patient and doctor presets.

Lower Cost without Compromise

Our products are designed and built at our own facility to ensure superior quality control, rapid customer service, and manufacturing cost savings that we pass on to customers.

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14 Feb 2014

7th World Congress – World Institute o …

The 7th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP 2014) is a major biennial gathering of pain management specialists. ...

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14 Feb 2014

CU (Cosman Unified)

Disposable, tissue-piercing RF cannula/electrode with a long fluid injection line and thermocouple (TC) temperature sensor.

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Why CoMedical?

Many years of experience

The Next Generation of RF Innovation

Superior customer service, competitive pricing, and financing options tailored to your fiscal constraints

Personal Involvement in academic research and education

Radiofrequency Devices for Pain Management and Neurosurgery

Treat Four Sites at the Same Time

Independent, automatic control using the Cosman G4 generator.

Sacroiliac Joint RF Palisade

Multi-Bipolar is faster, easier, less expensive, more complete.

Intradiscal Radiofrequency

Simple, cost-effective solutions for discogenic pain.

RF Injections Electrodes

Unified Cannula/Electrodes with Temperature or Voltage Control.

Trigemenial Neuralgia Electrodes

RF is a safe and proven outpatient treatment method.

Podiatry Radiofrequency

For intractible pain from plantar fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma.

DREZ: Spinal and Nucleus Caudalis

Specialized electrodes for discrete DREZ lesioning.

Disposable Cordotromy Electrode

Disposable and reusable options.  X-ray or CT guidance.

Functional Stereotaxy Radiofrequency

Electrodes for intracranial RF lesioning.

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