CoMedical was founded in 2008. The founder of CoMedical – Enrico Cohen – has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. CoMedical has focused on the development, production and distribution of an extensive line of medical disposables and related equipment, used for the minimal invasive treatment of different types of chronic pain.

All the product lines of CoMedical are developed with or by manufactures which have high worthy products and years of experience in the production and development of pain relief products. Manufactories who cooperate with us are all well respected and known by the hospitals and users all over the world.

Chronic Pain is a major problem and we are still developing new techniques and products to relieve or manage this kind of pain. CoMedical has created a platform and cooperation between doctors, pain managers, research & development and trainers to find the best solution to manage Chronic Pain by Radiofreqency and other Minimal Invasive Techniques.

CoMedical is a partner in managing chronic pain relieve for the hospitals, doctors and pain managers. Working with these hospitals, doctors and pain managers enables us to understand their demands. To be innovative and to lead new technologies and techniques is of great importance to us.

Since January 2010 CoMedical does not only provide training to hospitals but also has got a Service and Training Centre in the Netherlands. High quality, knowledge, training, support, education and service is of great importance to CoMedical.

CoMedical only works with highly motivated people and distributors for whom service, personal support and our goals are also very important. Together with Prof. Eric R. Cosman of the M.I.T. Physics Department we are still developing new disposable products and RF equipment to relieve Chronic Pain. The family Cosman has got over 60 years of experience in Radiofrequency (RF) technology.

Premier distributor of pain management products and publisher of medical textbooks