1A&1B RF Generators

The RFG-1A is a universal RF generator that delivers both thermal and pulsed RF output. The RFG-1A has simplified controls and presets for both neurosurgical and pain management RF procedures, including pallidotomy, thalamotomy, cingulotomy, cordotomy, DREZ, trigeminal, intradiscal, medial branch, dorsal root ganglion (DRG), and peripheral nerve RF treatments. Its integrated stimulator operates at 2-200 Hz, with 0.1-3 msec pulse width, for both peripheral and intracranial targets.

Product information

Designed for the clinician seeking full functionality with simplified controls.

  • Monopolar or bipolar configurations.
  • Automatic temperature control and procedure timing.
  • Larger color-coded displays.
  • Easy to use, robust, and economical.