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The Pioneers and Leaders in Radiofrequency Technology

The Cosman RF generators embodies nearly 60 years of Cosman Radiofrequency (RF) technology. Bernard J. Cosman, who founded Radionics (originally called Cosman and Company) in 1938, built the first commercial RF lesion generator in 1Q952. His son, Prof. Eric R. Cosman of the M.I.T. Physics Department, directed Radionics from 1970 to 2000.

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Technical support

CoMedical is the Cosman Service Center for Europe.

It has a technical staff with years of experience servicing Cosman and Radionics equipment. So you can be assured of excellent service and maintenance for you Cosman equipment as well as any other older Radionics equipment.

Product overview

Special TC Electrodes

LCE or KCTE (Cordotomy), NTCD or ENA (Drez), RRE or SRK (Spinal Rhizotomy), TEW or TIC (Trigeminal Neuralgia), TC (Stereotactic).


Disposable, tissue-piercing RF cannula/electrode with a long fluid injection line and thermocouple (TC) temperature sensor.


Our straight and curved cannulae feature and ergonomic hub, smooth insulation, and color-coding to match electrode length.


Epidural pulsed RF Pain Managament. Target multiple spinal nerve roots and dorsal root ganglia via a single needle placement with epidural Pulsed RF.


Perform temperature-controlled RF treatments using Cosman RF cannulae.


Perform voltage-controlled facet denervations and stimulation-guided blocks at low cost.


Perform temperature-controlled RF treatments using Cosman RF cannulae.

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