Who we are

Enrico Cohen

Enrico Cohen – CEO

Enrico Cohen has almost 40 years of experience in the medical device industry, focusing on RF pain management and minimally invasive surgery (MIS).  He brings comprehensive clinical and technical knowledge to his role in clinical support, educational support, technical innovation, R&D and sales
management.  Mr. Cohen's experience in radiofrequency pain management and neurosurgery spans overs 25 years.
After his role as General Manager for Cotop International he founded CoMedical BV.
a premier distributor of pain management products like Cosman, Epimed, Oakworks and publisher of medical textbooks.
In 2009 he became for Cosman Medical Inc. VP Sales EMEA, CE Registration Representative,
Distributor Manager, Service - Training Center. He brought his knowledge about the RF procedures and consumables into the Cosman portfolio to become the best product line for Radiofrequency Pain Management.
Cosman Medical Inc. was sold in 2016 and original manufactory was closed and moved to another country.
Since that movement the quality didn’t match anymore to the highest standards as before.
Enrico brought his knowledge into DIROS Technology Inc. to improve the already excellent products of DIROS - OWL® neurosurgery - pain management and help them to develop new markets and products for Radiofrequency.
All our products we supply are latex-free, prepared for MDR certification, compatible with all RF equipment and have a compatibility certificate. Our products have the highest CE risk classification
Class III.



The CoMedical B.V. Company is based in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands. We are available for all your questions and orders. You can reach us on +31 180 42 07 08 or by email via info@comedical.nl.

Technical support

CoMedical is a Service Center and provides all kind of technical support for equipment such as
annual service, calibration, repairs on Oakworks™, DIROS™, Radionics*, RF generators.


CoMedical expands their business now with CoYoMe as MDR Importer for some product lines to be ready for the future regulations.

Premier distributor of pain management products and publisher of medical textbooks